Putting a keg of root beer in every home in America makes it easy to find root beer kegs. We have an extensive list of stores that carry root beer kegs making it easy to order one.

Root beer kegs are not only delicious and fun, but are also a tremendous benefit to society! Both in supporting small local businesses like craft soda companies and small breweries, but more importantly, by helping our culture to reduce risky behavior like drunk driving. We want everyone to have fun at parties, and for no one to feel excluded!

Who says the designated driver can’t do keg stands also?!

We think root beer kegs can reduce the peer pressure to abuse alcohol at parties, leading to a reduction in the tragedy and violence associated with alcohol abuse too frequently resulting in death, damage, and sexual assault. With less peer pressure, people are empowered to make their own choices and do what they want. And what we really want is for everyone to be safe, happy, and enjoy a long life of parties to the fullest. Also, do you realize how delicious root beer floats are?!